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Date: 5 Jan 2007 05:46:54 -0500
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Posted-Date: 05 Jan 2007 05:46:54 EST


Just an update - I've added over 100 researcher's home pages to the
list of preferred sites and a new refinement 'Researcher's Home'. For
certain queries, this can really improve the results.

Also, thanks so much for the feedback I received so far. I literally
added _all_ the sites you suggested!

By the way, John, this news-group was the first to be included (no
surprise, given my background ;-)

-- Robert Hundt HP

Robert H wrote:
> Hi,
> Not sure this is considered to be an "ad", but...
> I created a Google Custom Search Engine for searching on:
> "Software Optimization and Optimizing Compilers"
> This is basically a regular full Google search giving preference to
> certain sites. Of course I added sites such as IEEE, ACM, the
> universities, Rice, Stanford, Intel, Microsoft, HP, this site and
> others. The search results are indeed more specific than the regular
> Google search. Try ity out! Additionally, if you are interested, please
> send me an email and I can enable your contributing to the search
> engine or add sites you believe should be given preference to. Over
> time, it will become better and better...
> I "donated" a (no-BS) URL for this:
> Check it out - and let me know what you think (no rants, please)!
> Cheers
> -- Robert Hundt
> [I hope it looks at this newsgroup's archives at -John]

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