Mode Oriented Lexical Analyser Generator

"Frank" <>
9 Aug 2006 00:01:39 -0400

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Mode Oriented Lexical Analyser Generator (Frank) (2006-08-09)
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From: "Frank" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 9 Aug 2006 00:01:39 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: lex, available
Posted-Date: 09 Aug 2006 00:01:39 EDT

OpenSource Project 'Quex':

Last weekend, the lexical analyser generator 'Quex' has been released
on SourceForge. Quex provides advanced features for mode definitions
and event handling. Among its features are

    -- Creation of a complete C++ environment for lexical analyser

    -- Modes management:
            -- mode transitions can be restricted (e.g. "disallow mode A
          to enter any mode but F, and G")
            -- mode transition events can be equipped with event handlers.
            -- modes can be inherited from each other
                  (thus overtaking pattern-action pairs and event handlers)

    -- The indentation event facilitating lexical analysis for
          indentation based languages.

For simple lexical analyser, quex provides convinient shorthands. The
mode definition of a lexical anylser for language consisting of
'print', a identifier, number, and assignment can be defined in few
lines as follows:

mode SOME_MODE {
      "print" => TKN_PRINT;
      [_a-z]+ => TKN_IDENTIFIER(Lexeme);
      [0-9]+ => TKN_NUMBER(atoi(Lexeme));
      "=" => TKN_ASSIGNMENT;

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