[ANN] paxCompiler, beta version

"alexander_baranovsky" <ab@cable.netlux.org>
12 May 2006 00:49:26 -0400

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[ANN] paxCompiler, beta version ab@cable.netlux.org (alexander_baranovsky) (2006-05-12)
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From: "alexander_baranovsky" <ab@cable.netlux.org>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 12 May 2006 00:49:26 -0400
Organization: http://groups.google.com
Keywords: Pascal, available
Posted-Date: 12 May 2006 00:49:26 EDT

paxCompiler is a compiler of Pascal programming language.

The key features of the paxCompiler are:

- The compiler generates machine code for Intel processor.
- It is possible to use the compiler as a scripting engine. You can
embed the compiler into host application, register host-defined types,
routines, variables and constants for the engine, read/write
script-defined variables, call script-defined functions etc. You can
save/load compiled scripts to/from a stream.
- The compiler is written in Delphi as a set of Delphi components that
allows you to embed the paxCompiler into Delphi, Kylix or Borland C++
Builder application so you can customize and extend the application
without having to recompile it.
- The compiler implements a subset of Object Pascal language. The
supported types are: Boolean, Byte, Word, Integer, Double, Single,
Char, AnsiString, ShortString, Pointer, Record Types, Array Types,
Subrange Types, Enumeration
Types and Procedural Types. The compiler supports such concepts as
namespaces, overloaded routines, nested routines, default parameters,
- The roadmap of the compiler includes: support of OOP, Basic compiler
and C compiler, cross-language programming, built-in assembler,

To learn more about paxCompiler, please visit site www.paxcompiler.com

Thank you.

Alexander Baranovsky
VIRT Laboratory
www.paxcompiler.com // paxCompiler
www.paxscript.com // paxScript for Win32&Linux
www.paxscript.net // paxScript for Microsoft .NET

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