Re: Running Earley's Parser in O(n^3)

russell kym horsell <>
11 May 2006 01:54:09 -0400

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From: russell kym horsell <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 11 May 2006 01:54:09 -0400
Organization: Central Iowa (Model) Railroad, Plano, TX, USA
References: 06-05-023
Keywords: parse, theory
Posted-Date: 11 May 2006 01:54:08 EDT

Daniel Zingaro <> wrote:
} Hello,

} I'm looking for some insight into one aspect of Earley's 1970 article
} dealing with his famous context-free parsing algorithm:

} An efficient context-free parsing algorithm
} Jay Earley. February 1970. Communications of the ACM, Volume 13 Issue 2

} In section 4, Earley gives some tips for how to implement the
} algorithm. In particular, I am wondering about points (3) and (4).
} The algorithm can be implemented without keeping these lists, and I
} can see that they reduce the time necessary to scan through state
} sets, whether it be for the purpose of looking for an already existing
} item, or looking for items that can be created by the completer.

Basically it's a (Boolean) matrix multiplication problem. Using an
efficient matmul gets you slightly better than O(n^3).

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