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27 Mar 2006 01:26:58 -0500

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Date: 27 Mar 2006 01:26:58 -0500
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Posted-Date: 27 Mar 2006 01:26:58 EST

Bob Sheff wrote:
> I thought everyone would use their favorite translator tool as a
> grammar translator as I have. It seems to me, grammars are easier
> than "real" languages, because you needn't worry about semantics,
> variable/structure modes,... and many of the grammars are non-perfect
> anyway. regards, Bob


Thanks for your reply. I was just wondered if anyone had bothered to
package all the grammars for different compiler-compilers into a single
peice of code. It would be useful and would encourage people to explore
new options. As a newbie getting my old grammar translated to ANTLR
took a while because of the subtleties.


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