Re: Dangling else (Henry Spencer)
16 Mar 2006 09:18:06 -0500

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From: (Henry Spencer)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 16 Mar 2006 09:18:06 -0500
Organization: SP Systems, Toronto, Canada
References: 06-02-154 06-03-023 06-03-041 06-03-056
Keywords: syntax, comment
Posted-Date: 16 Mar 2006 09:18:06 EST

Hans-Peter Diettrich <> wrote:
>> Wirth himself, in his 1975 Pascal retrospective ("An assessment of the
>> programming language Pascal", IEEE TransSoftEng 1.2, June 1975), said:
>> "In retrospect... the decision to break with a widely used tradition seems
>> ill-advised..."
>Nobody is perfect ;-)
>Thanks for the reference, is that article online somewhere?

Not that I know of -- IEEE doesn't seem to be big on making their journal
papers freely available -- but I have a paper copy, so I haven't gone
-- is temporarily off the air; | Henry Spencer
mail to henry at instead. |
[It was also published in SIGPLAN Notices. Both the ACM and IEEE have
online archives available to their members by subscription. If you
have access to a technical library many of them have site accounts, or
you can buy a copy from the ACM for $5 -John]

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