Re: virtual machine efficiency

Chris Dollin <>
15 Jan 2005 20:52:10 -0500

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From: Chris Dollin <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 15 Jan 2005 20:52:10 -0500
Organization: HPLB
References: 04-12-151 05-01-038 05-01-041
Keywords: VM
Posted-Date: 15 Jan 2005 20:52:10 EST

cr88192 wrote:

> "Chris Dollin" <> wrote in message

>> 16-bit instructions turned out to be an interesting and occasionally
>> frustrating choice, as was the decision to try and combine stack-based
>> and register-aka-local-variable instructions. That the machine had
>> *two* stacks [1] - one for values, one for locals/return addresses - was
>> an automatic consequence of umpteen years writing Pop11 (and similar)
>> code.

> mine also has two stacks: the value stack; and a kind of opaque
> meta-stack used for control.

> locals were stored in their own space which is indirectly referenced
> by the control stack (variables and similar are accessed with their
> own opcodes).

It's important to note that the two stacks in my VM are decoupled and
not just a convenience - the value stack doesn't get cut back just
because you return from a procedure, for example, and the value stack
can grow arbitrarily large during a procedure's execution.

It's not quite as free-and-easy as Pop11's open stack, partly because
one of the points of designing Spice [no, not that one] was to get
most of the benefits of the open-stack model without the gotchas -
although most of the constraints are imposed by code generation rather
than by the instruction set. (Although one of the procedure-entry
instructions explicitly transfers values off the value stack into the
control stack.)

Chris "electric hedgehog" Dollin

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