Principles of Programming Languages 2005 (Long Beach CA, Jan 05) (David Walker)
28 Nov 2004 23:25:57 -0500

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Principles of Programming Languages 2005 (Long Beach CA, Jan 05) (2004-11-28)
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From: (David Walker)
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Date: 28 Nov 2004 23:25:57 -0500
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Posted-Date: 28 Nov 2004 23:25:57 EST

POPL 2005 Call for Participation

Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages

Long Beach, California
January 12-14, 2005

Scope of the Conference

The annual Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages is a forum
for the discussion of fundamental principles and important innovations
in the design, definition, analysis, transformation, implementation
and verification of programming languages, programming systems, and
programming abstractions.

Important Dates

* Hotel reservation deadline:  December 21, 2004
* Reduced fees deadline:  December 30, 2004 (11:59 PM, EST USA)
    - Register at
* Main conference:  January 12-14, 2005.
* Affiliated events: January 10-11 and January 15, 2005

Invited Speakers

* Pat Hanrahan (Stanford University)
* Rob Pike (Google): Interpreting the Data
* Peter Selinger (University of Ottawa):  Programming Languages for
Quantum Computing

Location & Hotel

The POPL 2005 conference site is Hyatt Regency Long Beach, 200 South
Pine Avenue, Long Beach, CA. Complete information concerning how to
book rooms and travel to Long Beach may be found at the conference web
site ( The Hyatt Regency
is right next to a variety of entertainment areas, including the
Shoreline Village, the Rainbow Harbor, and the Shoreline Marina, which
offer sport fishing, boat rentals, personal boat rentals, shopping,
great food and other diversions. For those wishing to take in some
sun this January, one can walk east from the hotel, about a 1/4 mile,
along the Shoreline Marina, to a large, sandy, public beach. In
addition, the remarkable Aquarium of the Pacific, which houses more
than 12,500 animals and offers the possibility of coming face-to-face
or even touching the world's greatest predators, is only a 1/4 mile
west. On Thursday January 13th, we will be having a tour and banquet
on the Queen Mary ocean liner. Be sure to reserve your room by
December 21st, 2004 and register for the conference by December 30th,


Wednesday, Jan 12

8:30AM -- 9:30AM: Invited talk: Interpreting the Data, Rob Pike

10AM Session:

* Associated Types with Class
    - Manuel Chakravarty, Gabriele Keller, Simon Peyton-Jones, Simon
* Environmental Acquisition Revisited
    - Richard Cobbe, Matthias Felleisen
* Polymorphic Bytecode: Compositional Compilation for Java-like
    - Davide Ancona, Ferrucio Damiani, Sophia Drossopoulou, Elena Zucca
* A Simple Typed Intermediate Language for Object-Oriented Languages
    - Juan Chen, David Tarditi

1:30PM Session:

* Parametric Polymorphism for XML
    - Haruo Hosoya, Alain Frisch, Giuseppe Castagna
* A Bisimulation for Type Abstraction and Recursion
    - Eijiro Sumii, Benjamin Pierce
* A Syntactic Approach to Eta Equality in Type Theory
    - Healfdene Goguen
* Slot Games: A Quantitative Model of Computation
    - Dan Ghica

4PM Session:

* Synthesis of Interface Specifications for Java Classes
    - Rajeev Alur, Pavol Cerny, P. Madhusudan, Wonhong Nam
* Dynamic Partial-Order Reduction for Model Checking Software
    - Cormac Flanagan, Patrice Godefroid
* Proof-Guided Underapproximation-Widening for Multi-Process Systems
    - Orna Grumberg, Flavio Lerda, Ofer Strichman, Michael Theobald
* Transition Predicate Abstraction and Fair Termination
    - Andreas Podelski, Andrey Rybalchenko

6PM: Business meeting / PC report

Thursday, Jan 13

8:30AM: Invited talk:  Programming Languages for Quantum Computing,
Peter Selinger (University of Ottawa)

10AM Session:

* Communicating Quantum Processes
    - Simon Gay, Rajagopal Nagarajan
* Downgrading Policies and Relaxed Noninterference
    - Peng Li, Steve Zdancewic
* A Probabilistic Language Based Upon Sampling Functions
    - Sungwoo Park, Frank Pfenning, Sebastian Thrun
* Mutatis Mutandis: Safe and Predictable Dynamic Software Updating
    - Gareth Stoyle, Michael Hicks, Gavin Bierman, Peter Sewell, Iulian

1:30PM Session:

* Transactors: A Programming Model for Maintaining Globally Consistent
Distributed State in Unreliable Environments
    - John Field, Carlos Varela
* Theoretical Foundations for Compensations in Flow Composition
    - Roberto Bruni, Hernan Melgratti, Ugo Montanari
* From Sequential Programs to Multi-Tier Applications by Program
    - Matthias Neubauer, Peter Thiemann
* Combinators for Bi-Directional Tree Transformations: A Linguistic
Approach to the View Update Problem
    - Nathan Foster, Michael Greenwald, Jonathan Moore, Benjamin Pierce,
Alan Schmitt

4:30PM: Tour and conference dinner on the Queen Mary ocean liner

Friday, Jan 14

8:30AM: Invited talk, Pat Hanrahan (Stanford University)

10AM Session:

* Separation Logic and Abstraction
    - Matthew Parkinson, Gavin Bierman
* Permission Accounting in Separation Logic
    - Richard Bornat, Cristiano Calcagno, Peter O'Hearn, Matthew
* Context Logic and Tree Update
    - Cristiano Calcagno, Philippa Gardner, Uri Zarfaty
* Connecting Effects and Uniqueness with Adoption
    - John Tang Boyland, William Retert

1:30PM Session:

* A Semantics for Procedure-Local Heaps and its Abstractions
    - Noam Rinetzky, Jörg Bauer, Thomas Reps, Mooly Sagiv, Reinhard
* Region-Based Shape Analysis with Tracked Locations
    - Brian Hackett, Radu Rugina
* Precise Interprocedural Analysis using Random Interpretation
    - Sumit Gulwani, George Necula
* Numeric Analysis of Array Operations
    - Denis Gopan, Thomas Reps, Mooly Sagiv

4PM Session:

* Scalable Error Detection using Boolean Satisfiability
    - Yichen Xie, Alex Aiken
* Automated Soundness Proofs for Dataflow Analyses and Transformations
via Local Rules
    - Sorin Lerner, Todd Millstein, Erika Rice, Craig Chambers
* The Java Memory Model
    - Jeremy Manson, William Pugh, Sarita Adve

Program Chair:

Martín Abadi
University of California, Santa Cruz
Computer Science Department
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

General Chair:

Jens Palsberg
University of California, Los Angeles
Computer Science Dept,
4531K Boelter Hall,
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Phone: 310-825-6320
Fax: 310-794-5057
Program Committee:

Martín Abadi, UC Santa Cruz (chair)
Rastislav Bodik, UC Berkeley
Perry Cheng, IBM (T.J. Watson Research Center)
William Cook, UT Austin
Michael Ernst, MIT
Giorgio Ghelli, Università di Pisa
Yossi Gil, Technion
Ralf Hinze, Universität Bonn
Martin Hofmann, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Alan Jeffrey, Bell Labs, Lucent / DePaul University
Andrew Kennedy, Microsoft Research (Cambridge)
Naoki Kobayashi, Tohoku University
Julia Lawall, University of Copenhagen
Andrew Myers, Cornell University
Gordon Plotkin, University of Edinburgh
François Pottier, INRIA (Rocquencourt)
Sriram Rajamani, Microsoft Research (Redmond)
John Reppy, University of Chicago
Zhong Shao, Yale University
Henny Sipma, Stanford University


Manuel Fähndrich


David Walker

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