Version 2.4.2 of the GOLD Parser Builder was released (
28 Nov 2004 23:21:33 -0500

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Version 2.4.2 of the GOLD Parser Builder was released (2004-11-28)
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Date: 28 Nov 2004 23:21:33 -0500
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Posted-Date: 28 Nov 2004 23:21:33 EST

Hello everyone,

Version 2.4.2 of the GOLD Parser Builder was released.

Major Changes in Version 2.4.2

* The YACC to GOLD translator was integrated into the Builder.

* The Edit Menu now contains both a Find and Replace option.

* The Copy, Cut, Paste, and Delete keyboard shortcuts were added to
the Edit menu.

* The Test Window was improved slightly. When a 'parse action' is
clicked, the description is now displayed at the bottom of the window.

* Table generation was broken into two steps. Beforehand, the 'Next'
button simply displayed 'Compute Tables'. When clicked both the LALR
and DFA tables were constructed - one after another. Since the Builder
can now correct for Shift-Reduce errors, the system would create the
DFA tables even if the developer wants to create a grammar free of any
shift-reduce conflicts.

* The GUI library used by this application was updated. The overall
efficiency of the library was improved.

* The Export to Formatted Text output was modified. The Log is now
printed before any of the other tables. The file also contains a
simple header message.

* Fixed a minor bug in LALR State Browser. When a CGT file was loaded,
the LALR State Browser would not allow the developer to double-click
on actions.

Supported Programming Languages

As of this writing, GOLD supports:

* C#
* Delphi 3 & 5
* Java
* Python
* Visual Basic .NET
* Visual Basic 5 & 6
* Visual C++

* All ActiveX languages
* All .NET Languages

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