Converting LR(k) grammars to LR(1) (Ralph Boland)
28 Jul 2004 12:23:02 -0400

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Converting LR(k) grammars to LR(1) (2004-07-28)
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From: (Ralph Boland)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 28 Jul 2004 12:23:02 -0400
Keywords: LR(1), parse, question
Posted-Date: 28 Jul 2004 12:23:02 EDT

I am aware that LR(k) grammars can be converted to LR(1) grammars and
am interested in algorithms the do this conversion automatically. I
am not actually interested in doing this conversion but in
understanding it as I believe this information will be useful for a
parser generator tool I am designing. (I am hoping to prove that with
my parser generator algorithm such conversions are not necessary,
admittedly a lofty goal.)

I checked the original paper by Knuth in which it is proved that this
conversion is always possible but the proof does not translate
easily into a constructive algorithm.

Can anyone point me to algorithms for converting LR(k) grammars into
LR(k-1) grammars for k>1 or to algorithms for converting a LR(k)
grammars directing into LR(1) grammars?

Alternative proofs of Knuth's result that are more constructive in nature
would also be appreciated.


Ralph Boland

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