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John Levine <>
11 Jun 2004 02:59:36 -0400

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From: John Levine <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 11 Jun 2004 02:59:36 -0400
Organization: I.E.C.C., Trumansburg NY USA
References: 04-06-036
Keywords: administrivia
Posted-Date: 11 Jun 2004 02:59:36 EDT

>The URL for the RSS feed is

I fixed a bug that generated invalid XML when there's a non-English
character in a message.

For people who aren't familiar with RSS, it's not very useful to open
the URL of a RSS feed in a web browser. They're intended for RSS
aggregators, either web based like Bloglines or separate applications
like NewzCrawler, that check the RSS feed every once in a while and
tell you when new messages are available.

Functionally it's not all that different from usenet, but it's built
around HTTP and XML rather than NNTP and traditional usenet message

John Levine, comp.compilers moderator,,

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