Re: lex/flex yacc/bison for VS? (VBDis)
15 Mar 2004 09:33:16 -0500

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From: (VBDis)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 15 Mar 2004 09:33:16 -0500
Organization: AOL Bertelsmann Online GmbH & Co. KG
References: 04-03-046
Keywords: lex, yacc
Posted-Date: 15 Mar 2004 09:33:16 EST

JimT <> schreibt:

>I downloaded flex/bison for win32 but I can't get the code produced by
>flex to compile in Visual Studio .NET. The code looks good, but it
>includes headers that don't exist, specifically unistd.h.

You may profit from Cygwin or MinGW, which come with some of the
Unix/Posix header files. Once you know how these systems implement the
defines, you can adopt these header files to VC. A Cygwin installation
is bigger, but the header files are more complete, compared to a MinGW
installation. Many header files also come with gcc, in the original
GNU or possibly adopted Cygwin or MinGW versions, but it's near
impossible to comb out all the additional defines and references to
further machine and OS specific header files.

I also remember severe problems with flex code, when I tried to
compile it with MinGW or BCB. One problem with flex seems to be a
legal issue, at least I had problems to find open source lex/flex code
at all. Feel free to contact me directly, perhaps I can provide more
substantial help...

If you have to use GNU/Unix code more often, then have a look at
Interix. Interix is a Microsoft development system for POSIX/Unix,
with provisions for porting code between the Windows and Unix worlds,
in both directions. But I don't have any experience with Interix


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