Re: Refactoring a "runtime" language (Nano Newbie)
18 Jan 2004 20:50:37 -0500

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From: (Nano Newbie)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 18 Jan 2004 20:50:37 -0500
References: 04-01-103 04-01-109
Keywords: design
Posted-Date: 18 Jan 2004 20:50:37 EST

"Alex McDonald" <> wrote in message news:04-01-109...

> Once that's done, then choose your poison to implement; and because
> each layer is now separate, you can choose the best tool for the job.

Thanks for that information, however when I select the tool I believe
I am still going to require some "common knowledge", for example,
writing a lexer and parser for the existing "scripting" language in
use (actually refactoring it), standard algorithms for then executing
the resulting "byte code", such as assigning memory, executing the
user defined procedures written by the end user, etc. etc.

I need resources to do this... my problem is I don't know where to
start really and I am trying to leverage from the expertise here to
point me in the right direction. A book on client/server architecture
will help in some respect, but isn't going to give me anywhere near
the information I need to even get started.

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