C++ thunks and when they are used

"Petr Maxa" <Petr_Maxa@siemens.com>
3 Dec 2003 20:42:30 -0500

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C++ thunks and when they are used Petr_Maxa@siemens.com (Petr Maxa) (2003-12-03)
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From: "Petr Maxa" <Petr_Maxa@siemens.com>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 3 Dec 2003 20:42:30 -0500
Organization: Siemens AG Austria
Keywords: C++, code
Posted-Date: 03 Dec 2003 20:42:30 EST


I have question regarding C++ thunks. According to my knowledge,
thunks are short codes, which are called in specific complicated
situation - e.g. when adapting pointer to virtual table or adapt a
correct return pointer of virtual function, provided the virtual
function returns not an exact but covariant type.

What are possible other cases of using thunks in C++? Where are these
thunks stored - are they part of functions bodies, vtables or are they
generated inline in place of invocation of functions? Is C++
implementation enabled to use thunks e.g. in constructors to call
member initialization list's initializers or is this initialization a
part of constructor?

Thanks for any hint.

Petr Maxa.

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