MBEL: The Microsoft Bytecode Engineering Library

Michael B Stepp <steppm@cs.arizona.edu>
9 Sep 2003 23:02:10 -0400

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MBEL: The Microsoft Bytecode Engineering Library steppm@cs.arizona.edu (Michael B Stepp) (2003-09-09)
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From: Michael B Stepp <steppm@cs.arizona.edu>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 9 Sep 2003 23:02:10 -0400
Organization: University of Arizona CS Department, Tucson AZ
Keywords: tools, interpreter
Posted-Date: 09 Sep 2003 23:02:10 EDT

The Microsoft Bytecode Engineering Library (MBEL) is a tool for
parsing, creating, editing, and rewriting .NET executables and
libraries with a convenient object-oriented API. MBEL is implemented
completely in the Java programming language, which facilitates
portability across different systems. The objects defined in MBEL
closely resemble the metadata structures defined in the ECMA-335
specification; such as Module, TypeDef, TypeRef, Method, Field,
etc. This allows the user to have a standard vernacular for discussing
.NET-related issues with others who may know about .NET modules but
have no experience with MBEL. It also allows users who already know
about .NET modules to use the MBEL system more easily and be able to
understand the organization of classes within MBEL. Users need have no
specific knowledge of the layout of a .NET module or its constituent
parts, as those aspects are handled automatically. Among the many uses
of MBEL are code analysis, optimization, obfuscation, and
watermarking. For more information about MBEL, visit our web site at

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