Re: Looking for a LL(1) generator (Bob)
26 Jul 2003 21:44:06 -0400

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From: (Bob)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 26 Jul 2003 21:44:06 -0400
References: 03-07-150 03-07-171
Keywords: LL(1), parse
Posted-Date: 26 Jul 2003 21:44:06 EDT

Thomas David Rivers <> wrote

> My master thesis, now many years ago, discusses this approach...
> and details the algorithm to accomplish it. As far as I knew then,
> it was original work... I don't know if this 'corner' has been
> visited by other people...

I also did something similar for a coursework, also around 15 years
ago! In my version I added repetition and alternatives to BNF and the
parser generator added rules as necessary. Unfortunately the generator
remained strictly LL(1) and although I attempted to use the generator
in real applications, adding yacc style embedded code generation,
converting syntax into LL(1) proved too impractical. Having the
generator rewrite non-LL(1) rules is something I should have thought
of, maybe I will add it as I still have the source for the generator.

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