Re: Generating JIT compilers

Jens Troeger <>
21 Jul 2003 21:42:04 -0400

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From: Jens Troeger <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 21 Jul 2003 21:42:04 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
References: 03-07-008 03-07-056 03-07-082 03-07-135
Keywords: design
Posted-Date: 21 Jul 2003 21:42:04 EDT

> > In General I Am Interested In The Question Of "What Can Be Generated
> > From Specs, Without Writing Source/Target Machine Dependent Code" (Of
> > Course The Specs Must Be Written :-))
> Try GNU lightning, it looks to me like what you are looking for. I
> don't understand exactly what you mean by specs though.

Hehe, Yes Sorry, My Mistake. When I Was Talking About Specification, I Meant
The Formal Description Of Instructions That Are Subject To JIT Compilation, And
Also The Formal Description Of The Instructions That Are Used By The JIT
(I.E. The Instructions Of The Target Machine).

At The Moment We Work With Machine Emulation And Dynamic Binary
Translation (Dbt). Dbt Being Nothing Different Than JIT Compilation
Of The Emulated Machine Instructions Into Instructions Of The Host
Machine That The Emulator Runs On. Further, Since The Emulator Is
Generated From Machine Descriptions
( We Aim To Use Similar
Descriptions To Generate The JIT Compiler.

We Have Some Fairly Good Understanding Of The Properties Of Such
Specifications, But Before We Start To Implement, I'M Looking Around
For Similar Projects (In Case I'D Reinvent The Wheel...) Hence The
Question Here At The First Place.


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