Re: [Free] Cobol Compiler no longer available

Joachim Durchholz <>
17 Jul 2003 00:35:18 -0400

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From: Joachim Durchholz <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 17 Jul 2003 00:35:18 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
References: 03-07-102
Keywords: Cobol
Posted-Date: 17 Jul 2003 00:35:18 EDT

Paul Robinson wrote:
> The company that ran XOOM.COM has gone out of business, I forget who
> bought them. That domain is now pointing to some other site in a
> language other than English,

It seems to be a telephony provider in the Dominican Republic.
No "members" area though, so the domains hosted at Xoom are probably done.

> and a search on both GOOGLE and ALTAVISTA cannot find that file. If
> someone has downloaded a copy and still has it, please send back a
> message so that it can be copied to a permanent site. quotes
messages from Robert Kovacic stating that he first created RPCobol, then
decided that the name should be changed to Tiny Cobol (for non-technical
Tiny Cobol seems to be quite active on SourceForge (see ). The author of the
above-cited message is among the project leaders, so I think that this
bit of history is correct. I'd probably drop any references to RPCobol
in favor of Tiny Cobol if I had such references (I'm utterly
disinterested in Cobol myself, and hope I'll never be forced to develop
interest in it, but that's probably not too interesting for those who
seek RPCobol *grin*).


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