Re: The best compiler tool? (Gopi Bulusu)
3 Jul 2003 23:30:19 -0400

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From: (Gopi Bulusu)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 3 Jul 2003 23:30:19 -0400
References: 03-06-099
Keywords: translator, tools
Posted-Date: 03 Jul 2003 23:30:18 EDT (Karl Meissner) wrote in message news:03-06-099...
> I am writing a script to C# .Net translator. I think I want the
> generated code to be in C# too since a lot of the rest of the project
> is in that language.
> I am evaluating several grammar tools. Anyone have a feeling which
> is better ANTLR or Grammatica?
> yacc seems to need everything converted from C# to C++ and back again
> over COM which is a hassle.

Not a direct response, however I hope this information is useful:

We have a tool called the SANKHYA Translation Framework (STF). STF
allows the specification of the grammar using the SANKHYA Translation
Modeling Language. STML models can specify both the grammar of
language to processed and the translation rules for generating
output. There are 2 versions of STF translators available, a command
line tool (st) and the client-server (CORBA Based) edition
(stml_server). Both load the model files dynamically, which means, no
code is generated from the model (grammar) files !

Here is more information:




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