Re: Coco/r and moving towards interpretation (Clayton Weaver)
18 May 2003 01:29:47 -0400

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From: (Clayton Weaver)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 18 May 2003 01:29:47 -0400
Organization: AOL
References: 03-05-108
Keywords: code, practice
Posted-Date: 18 May 2003 01:29:47 EDT

>I have written my grammer and got Coco/r to build successfully. The
>problem I have now is that I am not quite sure were to go now. I want
>to write an interpreter that runs the program, but I am relatively new
>to this domain. Can somebody point me to some resources or offer some

These posts (from the comp.compilers archives) may prove useful in
understanding what all is typically involved in getting from parser to
interpreter or compiler:



Someone asked about code generator generators a few years ago (backend
generators, or "retargetable code generators"). Opinions were mixed:


(Consider reading the whole thread on this one.)


Clayton Weaver

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