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Henri-Pierre CHARLES <>
16 May 2003 20:00:47 -0400

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From: Henri-Pierre CHARLES <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 16 May 2003 20:00:47 -0400
Organization: Lab. PRiSM
References: 03-05-031 03-05-050
Keywords: dynamic
Posted-Date: 16 May 2003 20:00:47 EDT
X-Comment-To: "Basile STARYNKEVITCH" <>


On Mon, 12 May 2003 08:17:51 +0200, Basile STARYNKEVITCH wrote:
>>>>>> "David" == David <> writes:
> David> Hi, I am looking for a small efficient free/opensource David>
> compiler to integrate into my program. it should allow you David> to
> compile directly into memory, then execute the code David> directly
> from memory. Primary target is Windows(Intel), but David> support
> for other platforms would be nice.
> If you want lower level stuff, you might consider using tinycc - see
> or the GNU lightning library
> Keep in mind that an "efficient" compiler cannot be "small" --

FYI, lightning use a part of an other project : ccg.

"`ccg'', a combination of preprocessor and ``runtime assembler'' for C
and C++ programs. It allows extremely efficient dynamic code
generation for PowerPC, Sparc, Itanium and Pentium to be embedded in
arbitrary C programs."

Unfortunately uvm, the code generator which use ccg as back end, is
not (yet ? :-) free.

H-P Charles
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% Tel: 01 39 25 43 44 45, Av. des États Unis 78000 Versailles
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