How to parse process expressions pls help??????? (steve smith)
6 May 2003 01:14:12 -0400

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How to parse process expressions pls help??????? (2003-05-06)
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From: (steve smith)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 6 May 2003 01:14:12 -0400
Keywords: parse, question
Posted-Date: 06 May 2003 01:14:11 EDT

Hi I am new to this, and well here is something i want to do say i had
a process expression e.g (a || b) that is a running in parallel with
how, would I be able to use a parser such as yacc or lex, to verify
that this is correct. I do not know anything about yc or lex, so do
not have a clue on how they work. any help much appreciated thanks.
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