Re: scripting language integration?

Christopher Boumenot <>
25 Jan 2003 00:50:15 -0500

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From: Christopher Boumenot <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 25 Jan 2003 00:50:15 -0500
Organization: Compilers Central
References: 03-01-120
Keywords: interpreter
Posted-Date: 25 Jan 2003 00:50:15 EST

Fidel viegas <> wrote
> Hello folks, I have written a scripting language and now I want to be
> able to use it from my c++ applications. That is, I want to be able to
> call code written in the scripting language from my c++ application
> and I also want to be able to call c++ code from the scripting
> language.

A general purpose solution is SWIG. Check it out at

It wasn't clear from your post what scripting language you were
interested in using. I know that TCL has a lot of features to do
exactly what you want. It was originally designed for exactly what
you want.

Ruby has something called Ruby/DL which may do what you want, but I
haven't really checked it out.

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