Ambiguous Types in Flex, how to handle? (Randall Fox)
17 Jan 2003 20:10:48 -0500

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Ambiguous Types in Flex, how to handle? (2003-01-17)
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From: (Randall Fox)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 17 Jan 2003 20:10:48 -0500
Keywords: types, question
Posted-Date: 17 Jan 2003 20:10:47 EST


Using FLEX/BISON, I'm building a small database program that will
handle a small subset of SQL.

My Database handles two types, FLOAT and DOLLAR.

How should I handle the ambiguous "1.23" which can be interpreted by
flex as a DOLLAR and a FLOAT (FLOAT will be IEEE, and DOLLAR will be a
64 bit int with a fixed, or implied, decimal place)??

As it stands, flex can't make the determination, but at what point in
the process should the determination be made? In the grammar? or in
my program when I am working with the AST that BISON creates?

I guess I am looking for advice from the experienced..

Thank you

Randall Fox
[Probably in the AST, since you may be doing other optimizations there
as well. -John]

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