Performance constraints in translating Fortran 90 programs to C

Chintu Sharma <>
1 Jan 2003 12:54:30 -0500

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Performance constraints in translating Fortran 90 programs to C (Chintu Sharma) (2003-01-01)
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From: Chintu Sharma <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 1 Jan 2003 12:54:30 -0500
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: Fortran, C, translator, performance, question, comment
Posted-Date: 01 Jan 2003 12:54:30 EST

Hi All,
      What will be the performance problems/constraints
in translating fortran programs to C and then
compiling it using a C compiler. Consider that the
translator does a fairly good job.
      I referred to a similar question in comp.compilers
earlier with subject
"Pros and cons of high-level intermediate languages"
can someone show me other disadvantages when
translating a language like fortran 90 to C especially
with respect to Performance.
        We intended to use this compiler in a high
performance computing environment.

[I'd think it depends a lot on the C compiler and how well the
translator passes through the Fortran semantics into the C program,
particularly procedure argument aliasing. -John]

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