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11 Dec 2002 22:27:55 -0500

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From: (ujjwal bhoota)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 11 Dec 2002 22:27:55 -0500
Keywords: question
Posted-Date: 11 Dec 2002 22:27:55 EST


    I am interested in building a compiler for a language like C,
because this is probably the best way I think to get a feel of how a
compiler actually work. I have read scanning, parsing and
intermediate-code-generation part from Aho book but I dont think that
I can build a compiler from that knowledge.

    Could any one suggest me how should I go about it. Is there any good
book for my perpose?

    As I think I have 2 choices..(1)I use lex and yaac (2)I dont use

I am more biased towards choice (1) because firstly it will keep me
away from detail of scanning and parsing(which I suppose are very
general concepts) and will allow me to concentrate more on
core-compiler concepts and secondly it will speed up implementation.
But this is just my guess, and I need your suggestion.

[If you can get a copy of Holub's book, it contains the complete annotated
source code for a subset C compiler written in C, along with tools similar
to lex and yacc. -John]

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