lex and yacc parsing question

"Sanjeev" <sanjeev_k_chaudhri@yahoo.com>
23 Aug 2002 11:08:03 -0400

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lex and yacc parsing question sanjeev_k_chaudhri@yahoo.com (Sanjeev) (2002-08-23)
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From: "Sanjeev" <sanjeev_k_chaudhri@yahoo.com>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 23 Aug 2002 11:08:03 -0400
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Keywords: lex, yacc, parse, comment
Posted-Date: 23 Aug 2002 11:08:03 EDT


I have an issue in lex and yacc.

Suppose I have written a grammer.

Now I have an input file :

1. always(@posedge clk1)
2. // check syntax below but do not populate the code
3. q = d1;
4. always(@posedge clk2)
5. // check syntax below and also populate the code
6. q1 = d2;

I expect my lex and yacc to perform syntax checking on the full code
but populate only the code above and below the comment line.

i.e. I want in the object model :
1. always(@posedge clk1)
6. q1 = d2;

If I stop sending the tokens to yacc pf the code within the comment
line,, then I can not do syntax checking on that code.

If I return the tokens of the culprit code to yacc but do not populate
it, the line 6 will not get associated with always block in line 1.

Please some one help me do this in one pass of yacc.

Is there any way in which I can make yacc remember its state till line
no. 1 and then again start from the same states on reaching line
number 6. for line number 2 to 5 , i want yacc to create new states
and discard them on reaching line number 6
[Parse the whole thing, set a flag that tells you when to generate code.

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