ANTLR vs FLEX/BISON: performance issues?

"Elias Biris" <>
10 Aug 2002 02:33:32 -0400

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ANTLR vs FLEX/BISON: performance issues? (Elias Biris) (2002-08-10)
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From: "Elias Biris" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 10 Aug 2002 02:33:32 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: parse, tools, question
Posted-Date: 10 Aug 2002 02:33:31 EDT
X-Comment-To: "Elias Biris" <>


  I just discovered antlr and its earlier flavour, pccts.

  I was wondering whether there is any published material, preferably with
  sample code, that atests for the performance characteristics of
  lexers/parsers generated by antlr (primarily, I am also interested in
  similar material for pccts, if there is any) vs the same lexer/parser as
  generated by flex and bison.

  Has anyone got any idea where to find something like that? All tips and
  pointers will be gratefully appreciated :-)


  Elias Biris

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