regular expressions and the anchors

"Cristian Zoicas" <>
10 Aug 2002 02:05:02 -0400

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regular expressions and the anchors (Cristian Zoicas) (2002-08-10)
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From: "Cristian Zoicas" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 10 Aug 2002 02:05:02 -0400
Organization: CINECA
Keywords: lex, question
Posted-Date: 10 Aug 2002 02:05:02 EDT

Hello all

I need some suggestions in implementing the anchors (^, $) present in
almost all the implementions of regular expressions. I'm working at a
scanner and I feel somehow dificult to implement them.
More... implementing them I'll decrease efficiency of the scanner and
I don't want this, because some code will be reused in other scanners.

Wouldn't be better if I'll not implement them in the scanner and I'll
make a check after the scanning to see if a particulat token appear at
the beginning or the end of the line ?

Any suggestion, references to some papers published in various
journals/books will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance
Cristian Zoicas

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