Re: Incremental lexer implementation

Marat Boshernitsan <maratb@CS.Berkeley.EDU>
9 Mar 2002 02:50:58 -0500

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From: Marat Boshernitsan <maratb@CS.Berkeley.EDU>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 9 Mar 2002 02:50:58 -0500
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: lex, incremental
Posted-Date: 09 Mar 2002 02:50:58 EST

On Wed, 2002-02-27 at 21:16, gcc_learner wrote:
> In his Ph.D. thesis, Tim Wagner descibres an incremental lexer by
> driving a batch lexer. Has anybody published an implementation of the
> algorithms Wagner decribes?

We use Tim Wagner's implementation of the incremental lexing algorithm
in the Harmonia framework (,
which is a successor to the system that Tim was working on. The
source code for Harmonia is not publically available, yet.

I also reimplemented his incremental lexing alogrithm in Java for the
CodeProcessor program editor ( That
implementation was directly based on the algorithms Tim describes in
his thesis, though the underlying data structures were somewhat

Tim Wagner's algorithm also appears to be finding its way into the
editor of NetBeans Java IDE.
( I do not know much about that implementation.


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