Compiler positions available for week ending February 3 (comp.compilers)
6 Feb 2002 23:39:53 -0500

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Compiler positions available for week ending February 3 (2002-02-06)
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Date: 6 Feb 2002 23:39:53 -0500
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Subject: Microsoft - Compiler Opportunities
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 17:52:43 -0800
From: "Lisa Martin" <>

Senior Programming Model Lead

If you are up to the challenge of establishing the future programming
model for C++ developers on the .NET platform, we want you! The C++
developer is the most skilled and demanding developer in the world. It
will be your job to drive the C++ compiler and library innovation so
that .NET is not only added to the arsenal of the C++ programmer, but is
the preferred platform to program against. You will be responsible for
understanding and prioritizing the desires of the C++ community and
providing the programming model solution that allows them to exploit key
platform services. As the Senior Programming Model Lead we expect you to
be intimately familiar with C++, compiler design, and community
libraries like BOOST. We also expect you to have excellent management
and leadership skills because you will be responsible for Microsoft's
next generation C++ compiler. Qualifications: Must have 7 or more years
experience coding and authoring libraries in C/C++, great depth in
compiler front-end architecture, management experience, and a strong
passion for C++ and the C++ community

Research Software Design Engineer - Microsoft Research

The Advanced Compiler Technology group at Microsoft Research is looking
for people to work on an optimizing research compiler for languages like
C# that represent the future of programming. The compiler will work in
the context of the Microsoft Common Language Runtime. We are looking for
a candidate who is passionate about compiler work and has compiler
implementation experience. Some areas of the compiler that a candidate
might work on include whole-program/incremental optimizations, code
generation for the IA-32 and IA-64 architectures, and runtime support. A
candidate has to have solid design and implementation skills, strong
debugging skills, and be able to work independently. The candidate
should be able to understand and work from published research papers.
The candidate also needs good communication skills and the ability to
work with researchers and other teams. Experience with C++ and the
ability to learn C# and assembly language are requirements. A Master's
degree in computer science and previous experience in a research
environment are preferred.

Software Design Engineer - Visual C++

.NET sets new challenges for the design of code generators and if you
are up to the challenge, we want you! .NET needs small, fast, and
configurable high quality code generation for multiple platforms and
depending on where in the network code generation takes place, the
compiler will utilize various levels of resources to generate the best
code possible under the given constraints. As a senior compiler engineer
we expect you to be intimately familiar with how to analyze and improve
code quality using various benchmarking techniques and tools. You should
also have a great grasp of current microprocessor architectural issues
and trends, and where the computer architecture industry is heading. As
a senior compiler engineer you will be responsible for and involved in
the architecture, design, and implementation of Microsoft's next
generation high performance code optimizer. This work involves heavy use
of graph theory, dataflow analysis, and data structures to solve complex
problems in code generation and optimization. Qualifications: Must have
5 or more years experience coding on code generators in C/C++ and a good
understanding of microprocessor architecture.

Program Manager - Visual C++
Do you dig compilers?! Do the words SSA, Software Pipelining, Partial
Redundancy Elimination, Global Scheduling, etc, mean anything to you? Do
you have a passion for making code go fast or about microprocessors in
general? If so, the Visual C++ team has the perfect position for you.
We're looking for a Program Manager who has prior experience with
compilers (Front-end and/or backend) to join the backend team and help
VC++ be the best serious programming tool for the Windows world. The
ideal candidate has previously worked on code generators and/or global
optimizers for at least 4 years. College grads (master preferred) whose
thesis/course emphasis was in compilation technology are also encouraged
to apply. JIT experience is a plus. Job duties will include working
closely with the development team on defining the features of
Microsoft's next generation of code generation technology for static
compilation, JITers, Profilers, etc.

For immediate consideration, please forward a current resume to:

Lisa Martin
Senior Technical Recruiter
Developer Division Recruiting
(425) 703-7944

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