Re: C and LL (1)

Martin von Loewis <>
27 Oct 2001 18:35:58 -0400

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From: Martin von Loewis <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 27 Oct 2001 18:35:58 -0400
Organization: Humboldt University Berlin, Department of Computer Science
References: 01-10-121
Keywords: C, LL(1)
Posted-Date: 27 Oct 2001 18:35:58 EDT

Pedro Pereira <> writes:

>> Can C be parsed by a LL (1) parser? I've serached in the web a lot,
>> but i couldn't find the anwser!

> [Yes, give or take typedef. -John]

Really? Even considering typedef, isn't there also the problem with
labels? Seeing


(and knowing it is not a typename) it could continue either

      foo: return;


      foo = 1;

So it seems you need atleast two tokens lookahead to tell apart labels
and expressions.


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