GOLD Parser updated! - A new, free parser generator. (Devin Cook)
26 Aug 2001 00:48:00 -0400

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From: (Devin Cook)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.programming
Date: 26 Aug 2001 00:48:00 -0400
Keywords: parse, available
Posted-Date: 26 Aug 2001 00:48:00 EDT

To my fellow programmers and computer scientists,

My name is Devin Cook and I am currently working on my Masters Thesis
in Computer Science at California State University, Sacramento. In the
process of working on my thesis, I developed a generalized parser
generator to eventually parse computer code.

Getting side tracked, I started working on improving the parser
generator to become a tool that can be used by both computer
scientists and developers in and outside the classroom. Essentially,
the GOLD Parser performs many of the functions available in YACC and

I plan to always offer the software free and port the parsing engine
to as many platforms as possible.

There have has been major progress in the development of the GOLD
Parser Generator. I've moved the site from my univerisity account to a
subfolder of my personal domain and improved the site drastically. The
new site contains full documentation, an improved appearance,
graphics, grammars and other resources.

In the new version of the GOLD Parser, the following changes have been

  * Added a 'Reduction' class to the Parser Engine DLL. Using this
class, the parser can automatically create a parse tree without
requiring the developer to create customed objects

  * Added the ability to open Compiled Grammar Table files with the
      - I had the code, why not use it?

  * Improved HTML exporting. The web page now uses embedded cascading
style sheets. This decreases size and allows easy maintenance.

  * Updated the documentation to reflect to changes to the Parser
Engine DLL. The style and layout of the documentation was also
improved. Changed the default size of the main window and the test
window. Per request, the parse tables can now be exported to a HTML
webpage even if a conflict is detected.

  * Fixed a bug that occurred when creating terminals with the pipe |
or double-quote " character. The flaw is the result of
misinterpretation by the regular expression scanner."

The NEW website is located at:

The ZIP file containing version 1.0 Beta 17, is only about 2.6MB.
Please take a look; I look forward to any and all feedback.

I thank you for your time and interest,

- Devin Cook

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