Re: Is C++ LL(k)? (Isaac)
6 Aug 2001 04:07:13 -0400

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From: (Isaac)
Newsgroups: comp.lang.c++,comp.compilers
Date: 6 Aug 2001 04:07:13 -0400
Organization: Road Runner - NC
References: <9jh5uu$olr$> <mSZ67.20253$> 01-07-138
Keywords: C++, LL(1)
Posted-Date: 06 Aug 2001 04:07:13 EDT

On 23 Jul 2001 23:26:05 -0400, Lin Gu <> wrote:

>However, I may have to use an LL(k) compiler generator (Antlr) to
>write a compiler for it. Is it difficult? It is expected that I need

It certainly is hard.
>to add some rules to disambiguate, but I want to know whether this is

The task is difficult enough that before anyone can answer whether it's
feasible, you'll need to assess just how badly you need to parse C++.
What are you planning to do?


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