[ANN] Syntacs Translation Toolkit 0.2.0

17 Jul 2001 23:16:46 -0400

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[ANN] Syntacs Translation Toolkit 0.2.0 pcj@inxar.org (2001-07-17)
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From: pcj@inxar.org
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 17 Jul 2001 23:16:46 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: tools, available
Posted-Date: 17 Jul 2001 23:16:46 EDT

The Syntacs Translation Toolkit (STT) is yet another member of the Yet
Another family of compiler generator tools. The STT was borne out of a
general desire to understand lexical and syntactic analysis; perhaps it
may even be of utility to others... It does:

- Generation of regular-expression-based lexers in Java
- Generation of shift-reduce parsers in Java

Features include:

- 16-bit (Unicode) lexing
- Unique approach to lexical states
- SLR1/LALR1/LR1 DPA construction algorithms
- Deremer-Penello LALR1 construction algorithm
- Customizable parser error recovery/repair
- Grammars can be written in "syntacs format" (.stt) or XML
- Postscript/PNG visualization of finite automata
- Postscript/PNG visualization of pushdown automata
- Pretty printing of parse trees
- Modular design

Homepage: http://www.inxar.org/syntacs
Download: http://www.inxar.org/download

Paul Johnston

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