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Knud Werner <>
6 Jul 2001 16:31:35 -0400

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From: Knud Werner <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 6 Jul 2001 16:31:35 -0400
Organization: T-Online
References: 01-06-062 01-07-033
Keywords: yacc
Posted-Date: 06 Jul 2001 16:31:35 EDT

Joachim Pimiskern wrote:

> BTW, besides your tool, there are other modules for parser construction
> in Perl: Parse::Yapp (written by Francois Desarmien) and
> Parse::RecDescent (written by Damian Conway).

Hi all,

thanks for giving me the opportunity to make You aware of my personal
experiences with other parser construction kits emitting perl :-) You
may find them at

giving links and other informations for the three other kits I've tried
before I decided to adopt and modify py:

- LLG 1.07
- Parse::RecDescent
- Parse::Yapp 1.04

[There was a version of byacc that emitted perl written in 1993, but it
doesn't appear ever to have been updated for perl5. -John]

Unfortunately I haven't found anything more than rumours about byacc,
AFAIK it seems to have been some patch for some bison version running
under BSD systems, but I was unable to find a working link (I tried some
at, it was broken).

I personally found Mark Jason Dominus work fitting best to my needs,
the most important reason being its smallness which easily allowed me
to add my modifications.

You might be interested in knowing that I've used py for two industrial
strength projects, one of them with soft real-time requirements, and it
(resp. the parsers generated) have proven to be rather stable.

Best regards,


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