Invitation to critique Lex/YACC document (bert hubert)
15 May 2001 00:32:22 -0400

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From: (bert hubert)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 15 May 2001 00:32:22 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: lex, yacc
Posted-Date: 15 May 2001 00:32:22 EDT

Hello everybody,

I'm very much an amateur in the world of parser generators, and have
been for over 10 years, in which time I failed to find a simple
bootstrapping document to get going with Lex/YACC-like tools. I know
that I could've bought a book, but some 'HOWTO' style material
would've been helpful.

So I wrote such a document. It is available on - many people tell me that it is helpful.

Yet I am sure that it contains mistakes, does things the wrong way and
misses interesting stuff. The goal of the HOWTO is to help people
bootstrap their use. It is not intended as some kind of cover-all
Lex/YACC document. If people want to know more, they can buy a
book. Or perhaps you know of good (online) resources we could refer
them to.

But it *is* vital that the parts that I *do* cover are correct. It
would be ideal if the included examples reflect 'best practice'.

I know I'm not there. By far. But a lot of people here are. So this is
an invitation to critique and possibly even to improve my document. It
would be appreciated. But keep in mind, I'm no expert and I don't
claim to be. So do not get upset if you see mistakes, but report them,
and they will get fixed ASAP.

Thanks for your time!

Kind regards,

bert hubert <>

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