Re: Incremental Parser Generator? (Martin Neitzel)
26 Apr 2001 21:11:12 -0400

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From: (Martin Neitzel)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 26 Apr 2001 21:11:12 -0400
Organization: Gaertner Datensysteme, Braunschweig, Germany
References: 01-04-121
Keywords: yacc, incremental, comment
Posted-Date: 26 Apr 2001 21:11:12 EDT

<> wrote:
>I am looking for a yacc-like parser generator that will generate an
>incremental parser. Can someone direct me to such a beast? I seem only
>able to locate things that work in lisp and and poplog and other
>esoteric stuff.

Dig dig dig, dust dust dust -- there it is. It may well be in the realm
of "esoteric stuff", but

Thomas W. Reps & Tim Teitelbaum:
The Synthesizer Generator: A System for Constructing
Language-Based Editors
Springer, ISBN 0-387-96857-1

Thomas W. Reps & Tim Teitelbaum:
The Synthesizer Generator Reference Manual
Springer, ISBN 0-387-96910-1

may be helpful for you. In its hey-days, a lot was written about the
Cornell Program Synthesizer and the Synthesizer Generator.

I just googled for it and found the company selling the Synth. Gen.
I think a commercial site having such neat bibiography instead of
Yet Another SockoFlashOrWhatever deserves to be mentioned here:

Martin Neitzel
[Grammatech happens to be right down the road from here, a spinoff from
Cornell starting with Teitelbaum's work. -John]

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