Re: PowerPC (output) C Compiler on W95

Michael Meissner <>
10 Apr 2001 01:49:07 -0400

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From: Michael Meissner <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 10 Apr 2001 01:49:07 -0400
Organization: Shore.Net, a PRIMUS Company (
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Posted-Date: 10 Apr 2001 01:49:07 EDT

"Mike Dimmick" <> writes:

> "Larry" <> wrote in message
> > Does anyone know of a C compiler that will generate code for a
> > PowerPC but runs on a Windows platform? I know IBM and Motorola both
> > sell such things but at a very high price. I'm looking to learn
> > PowerPC assembly and am thinking I could get some good ideas by
> > looking at the code generated by a C compiler. I don't have a Mac
> > yet. If I can find the source for a PowerPC C compiler it is
> > reasonable to expect to compile this on a W95 machine and run it?
> > Thanks for any info.
> Your best bet for this purpose is probably to obtain GCC
> ( source code and configure it as a cross-compiler
> for the PowerPC platform. It only supports compilation for the
> PowerPC Linux platform, but since you're intending to learn assembly,
> this shouldn't be a problem.

Umm, gcc also supports powerpc targeting embedded PowerPCs (eABI), and
IBM's AIX operating systems. I don't recall whether the MAC support
is currently in the GCC sources at the FSF, but I believe you can find
them at Note, that the assembly conventions and calling
ABIs between Linux (& eABI) are very different from AIX (& MAC), so it
may or may not help you to target Linux.

> Obtaining the appropriate assembler may prove trickier. I'm not
> sure if GCC will compile correctly without access to a PowerPC
> assembler, but that may be something you have to discover for
> yourself.

The GNU assembler and linker target Linux and eABI.

> There's a FAQ about building a GCC cross-compiler at
> I seem to recall that there was once a release of Windows NT for PowerPC
> Common Hardware Reference Platform (you know, the platforms that never got
> built ;) so Microsoft may still be able to provide a set of compilation
> tools to plug into Visual C++, if you already have that. I couldn't even
> begin to guess at a cost, though. Alternatively, I believe there's still a
> PowerMac cross-development edition - it seems intuitively obvious that there
> should be, given that Microsoft produces Macintosh applications with a fair
> degree of common source code with their Windows cousins...

Windows NT on PowerPC platforms has been officially dead, at least two years
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