Compiler positions available for week ending April 8 (comp.compilers)
10 Apr 2001 01:46:39 -0400

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Date: 10 Apr 2001 01:46:39 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
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Posted-Date: 10 Apr 2001 01:46:39 EDT

This is a digest of ``help wanted'' and ``position available'' messages
received at comp.compilers during the preceding week. Messages must
advertise a position having something to do with compilers and must also
conform to the guidelines periodically posted in
Positions that remain open may be re-advertised once a month. To respond
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From: Steve Meyer <>
Subject: Compiler/Data Structure Partner/Associate Needed, Minneapolis
Date: Tue, Apr 3 11:24:32 CDT 2001
Organization: Pragmatic C Software Corp.

Abstract: Small computer software firm needs person to work on Verilog
HDL digital simulator and other applied mathematics and compiler area
programs. Need fast exact computer programmer who can solve discrete
mathematics problems. Ph.d in Computers Science, Applied Math, or Physics
preferred. Job in Minneapolis USA.

Details: Company that writes an OEM digital Verilog HDL (Hardware
Description Language) simulator that is sublicensed as the digital
engine for a Verilog AMS (Analog Mixed Signal) simulator needs skilled

Current simulator is interpreted, but as soon as c-- is ready for
production use, simulator back end needs to be changed to
generate c-- code. Some other current projects are: improve graph
theory algorithms implementing switch channel simulation, implement
difficult new Verilog 2000 generate feature (multiple instance macro
processor), add new Verilog 2000 multi-dimensional array support,
improve Verilog PLI, API implementation, and improve Verilog interpreter.

Other possible projects are: work on patents (new patents and full
applications from filed PPAs), work on scientific papers, and possibly
work on cryptography problems.

Job does not require knowledge of electronics because Verilog HDL
is defined by the IEEE P1364 Language Reference Manual (LRM).
Job is located in Minneapolis and Pragmatic C is not set up to obtain
non resident visas.

I want to re-create environment of Jay Earley's Vers project lab back
in L&S UC Berkeley CS department. This is applied research job that has
advantage of working on software that is used by many highly skilled
circuit designers. Competitive salary with royalty stream sharing.
Future possibility of writing royalty producing program of your choice.
For more details contact Steve Meyer at or
call 612-338-6797 (FAX 612-349-5230).

Steve Meyer


From: Ginger Wolnik <>
Subject: Compiler Jobs at SGI, Mountain View CA
Date: Fri, 06 Apr 2001 13:20:05 -0700
Organization: Silicon Graphics Inc., Mountain View, CA

Thanks to the response from this newsgroup, SGI has filled a couple of
our openings in the compiler group! However, we are still looking for
developers with on-the-job experience in Compiler Backend (optimization,
parallelization, code generation) and a C++ Front End developer. The
compiler group is headquartered in Mtn. View, California, but you
could work out of our satellite offices in Hudson, Massachusetts or
Eagan, Minnesota. Our newest line of compilers is open source, read
about them at

I'm a QA developer in the compiler group, not a professional
recruiter. I started at SGI last year and this is a much better
company to work for than any of my previous employers in my 20 years
as an engineer. Here are some reasons to consider applying at SGI,

Balance of Life and Work
SGI is not a startup, if you want to have a life, this is the company
to work for. Flexible hours and telecommute options allow you to
maximize both your productivity and your free time. Hobbies and
outside interests are encouraged. Families are supported. The work
atmosphere is very casual and relaxed.

SGI has a corporate culture of real respect for people and their
privacy, eg. no web censoring, drug testing, or petty hourly job
charge tracking. Company rules and policies are minimal, employees
are treated as professionals and adults. Diversity is celebrated
through company organizations for many catagories of minorities and
special interests. There is open communication with management at
all levels.

Salary and Benefits
Very competitive and includes a 6 week paid sabbatical every 4 years
in addition to the normal vacation! Relocation benefits
are available. There is good human support for HR issues, no
interminable voice mail trees or email black holes! Responsive
technical support also makes it easier to get your job done.

Outstanding Facilities
Engineers can choose between private offices or more open areas.
On-site fitness center and sports facilities make the Mtn. View campus
feel like a health club. The gourmet cafeteria has been featured on
local news segments and typifies how SGI wants to pamper their
employees. Underground parking is a real plus during our rare heat
waves and winter rainy season, added security at all times.

Great Company with State of the Art Products
Company Fact Sheet:

Buy Low, Sell High
SGI stock is currently very low. Starting now will get you hire-on
options at a price that many feel is a real bargain.

If you are interested in applying and want to make sure your resume
gets directly to the hiring manager, send it to me as text in an email
message (no binary email attachments, please) or reply privately if
you want my FAX number. I promise to acknowledge all submittals as
soon as I see them, and track the status for you.

Thank you,
Ginger Wolnik
QA Software Engineer

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