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Xavier Leclercq <>
23 Feb 2001 00:06:14 -0500

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From: Xavier Leclercq <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 23 Feb 2001 00:06:14 -0500
Organization: BT Internet
Keywords: linker, comment
Posted-Date: 23 Feb 2001 00:06:14 EST


I have several questions about the COFF format.
I have the Microsoft specification. There seem to be some errors in it.

1) In section 4.1. the value for IMAGE_SCN_MEM_PURGEABLE and
IMAGE_SCN_MEM_16BIT is the same. Is this correct or is this an error ?

2) Also, in section 5.4.3. If I understand correctly the value for a
function should be 0x200 (MSB : 0x02, LSB : 0x00). However, the say in
the same section that it is 0x20.

Do you know where I can find other COFF spec (for the System V R3 e.g.)

[Gintaras' book on COFF had a spec for SVR3 COFF, but it's long out of
print. -John]

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