Compiler positions available for week ending February 18 (comp.compilers)
23 Feb 2001 00:02:33 -0500

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Compiler positions available for week ending February 18 (2001-02-23)
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Date: 23 Feb 2001 00:02:33 -0500
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Posted-Date: 23 Feb 2001 00:02:33 EST

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From: Andrew Richards <>
Subject: Compiler developer at CodePlay (London, UK)
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 15:28:59 +0000

Compilers are dull, serious tools for engineers. CodePlay's compilers
are breaking the rules. We develop programming tools for creative
programmers who develop games, graphics, video and sound software.
Entertainment is our customers' top priority.
No-one has ever done anything quite like this, so we are looking for
programmers who can take on a challenge.

You must ...

* be able to research ideas, develop new solutions and make it all work
* understand compilers and how they work.
* be keen to work in a creative industry.
* upset the status quo.
* have a degree or better (unless you can demonstrate you can do what we

CodePlay is a new fast-growing company, so there are plenty of
opportunities to develop your career as we expand. We value ideas and
are prepared to take risks.

The skills we are looking for (only one of these per person is
required. Two is a bonus)

* C++ translator. We need to produce a C++ translator for our C compiler
* Optimization. Creating fast code for new parallel processors aimed at
digital media processing is our main concern. Come to us with good ideas
and enthusiasm and you've got the job.
* Code generation. Producing code for processors that execute
out-of-order is hard. Very few compilers do it well. Don't let these
chips sit around idle, make them sweat!

We do not expect you to have experience of any particular language,
processor or compiler - we want you to work it out.

We do not want the cheapest, quickest or most established solutions - we
want the best.

Working for CodePlay will mean developing our existing parallelising C
compiler (VectorC) to take advantage of new processors and C++. You
will be working on the latest games and entertainment machines. If you
think the most exciting new processors are on business machines, you
haven't seen the PlayStation 2.

CodePlay is based in Hampstead, London, England. For further
information, or to apply for a job, contact Andrew Richards on 020 7419
2465, or


From: (Wolfgang Lohmann)
Subject: Postdoctoral Position, Rostock, Germany
Organization: University of Rostock

New Postdoctoral Position (DEADLINE 1 April 2001)

                                      Department of Computer Science,
                                              University of Rostock

Vacancy for an assistant professor


          education and research in programming languages and
                compiler construction
          research in implementation techniques in different areas of
          computer science
          cooperation in academic self-administration


          PhD in computer science
          interests in programming languages and compiler constructions
                declarative programming, attribute grammars and applications,
                semantics of programming languages and compiler construction
          further interests:
                aspect-oriented programming, specification technics,
                real-time programming and other
                educational skills
                a good knowledge of german language

          1st April 2001 (permanent)

          BAT-O Ib (special in Germany), full time

further information:
          Prof. Dr. G. Riedewald
          Dr. W. Mahrhold phone: (+49 381) 498-3397

Qualified women are emphatically invited for application. Severely
handicapped person with same qualification is prefered.

    Wolfgang Lohmann

Scientific Assistant
University of Rostock
Department of Computer Science
Group on Programming Languages/ Compilertechnics
D-18051 Rostock
Phone.: +49 (381) 498-3432 / Fax.: -3426

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