Microcontroller Compilers (C)

mobius@news.eecs.umich.edu (Matt Guthaus)
12 Feb 2001 01:15:18 -0500

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From: mobius@news.eecs.umich.edu (Matt Guthaus)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 12 Feb 2001 01:15:18 -0500
Organization: EECS Dept. Univ. of Michigan
Keywords: C
Posted-Date: 12 Feb 2001 01:15:18 EST

I work in a group that has several microcontrollers (ISAs) specified or
being specified. Yet, we don't have a compiler yet.

I've been looking at GCC (Using and Porting the GNU Compiler Collection)
and LCC. However, it seems that neither of these compilers is well adapted
to 8- or 16-bit microcontrollers. GCC has only two 16-bit machine definition
files (PDP11 and dsp16xx) and LCC has none.

What would people recommend for the fastest way to get a prototype compiler
working? GCC or LCC? Another compiler with a portable backend?

Matthew R. Guthaus - Ph.D. Candidate, Research Assistant
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
The University of Michigan

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