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4 Jan 2001 00:59:43 -0500

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From: Arargh! <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 4 Jan 2001 00:59:43 -0500
Organization: Arargh!!
References: 00-12-104 00-12-118
Keywords: Basic, parse
Posted-Date: 04 Jan 2001 00:59:42 EST

On 31 Dec 2000 03:01:25 -0500, "Joachim Durchholz" <>

>2. IF statement
>QuickBasic had a THEN-less form of IF, ? la
> IF expression statement [ELSE statement]
I think that this should be:

    IF expression THEN statement [ELSE statement] <end of line>

All the versions of QuickBASIC that I know of, require the THEN.

Here is the Syntax from PDS 7.1:
Single-line IF...THEN...ELSE Syntax
    IF condition THEN thenpart [ELSE elsepart]

Block IF...THEN...ELSE Syntax
    IF condition1 THEN
    [ELSEIF condition2 THEN
          [statementblock-2]] ...
    END IF
This is one of the several places where line ends MUST be noted when
scanning basic source.

Arargh (at enteract dot com)

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