VM ops to machine code

"Matthew Hurd" <MattHurd@OptusHome.com.au>
23 Dec 2000 02:18:06 -0500

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From: "Matthew Hurd" <MattHurd@OptusHome.com.au>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 23 Dec 2000 02:18:06 -0500
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Posted-Date: 23 Dec 2000 02:18:06 EST


I've been tinkering with a little VM of mine over the years. I'd like
to take the abtract ops to machine code. x86 on win32 is essential.
x86 on Linux and sparc on Solaris would be nice. Any information on
SH, ARM and StrongArm support would be interesting.

Doesn't have to take any particular language, I'll just transform my
IL into whatever is required.

My current thinking is to give up and just gen portable assembler, aka
C and compile with what ever the platform has. But this doesn't seem
nearly as much fun.

I've used it in a couple of commerical projects so I'd like to make
sure it can be used in this setting. I do project work rather than
product work.

MachSUIF is getting there and is my current hope, no x86 on win32 is
detracting. Most others, e.g. IMPACT, require commerical licensing
which doesn't really fit my tinkering model of development.

Any thoughts out there?

[If you want something portable that works, turn it into C. -John]

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