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"Philip Fortomas" <>
20 Dec 2000 17:23:13 -0500

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From: "Philip Fortomas" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 20 Dec 2000 17:23:13 -0500
Organization: Virgin Net Usenet Service
References: 00-12-070
Keywords: lex, DFA
Posted-Date: 20 Dec 2000 17:23:13 EST


As John suggests, RegExps (or, better, Regular Grammars defining the
corresponding RegExps) are a pure subset of CFGs. There are ways that
you can use a sample set of regular expressions to derive the Regular
Grammar that will parse all of them in their entirety. I used the
technique while doing a BSc. The process is quite lengthy (and not
absolutely error-free). If you are interested, I will find the
lecture notes and post a further message. I remember that from the
regular grammar that was derived, by using suitable branch merging and
a bit of recursion you could end up with a CFG that would parse all of
the RegExps that were in the sample set and (obviously) more that were
not included in the original specification.

Best Regards
Philip Fortomas

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