Call for Papers: LCTES 2001 (ACM SIGPLAN Workshop)
18 Dec 2000 00:32:37 -0500

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Call for Papers: LCTES 2001 (ACM SIGPLAN Workshop) (2000-12-18)
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Date: 18 Dec 2000 00:32:37 -0500
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Posted-Date: 18 Dec 2000 00:32:37 EST


                                                        Call for Papers

                                          ACM SIGPLAN 2001 Workshop on
            Languages, Compilers, and Tools for Embedded Systems (LCTES'2001)
                                    Snowbird, Utah, June 22 - 23, 2001
                                      (in conjunction with PLDI'2001)


As the complexity of the application domains for the embedded systems
increases, new research challenges are encountered for achieving
desired level of performance goals (which could be diverse such as
speed, real time constraints, code size, power, and scalability).
Due to limited resources locally available, embedded systems are
increasingly used in a networked (wired, wireless, as well as mobile)
environment. In addition, advances in hardware reflect into solving
issues using a combination of hardware and software techniques.
The aim of LCTES is to provide a forum for discussing the latest
research related to the above trends and to allow researchers and
developers working on different aspects to get together and synergize.
Original submissions are invited in all areas relevant to this theme.
Appropriate topics include, but are not limited to the following
aspects of embedded systems:

* Programming Languages and Optimization for Embedded Systems
  - real-time and embedded Java
  - exception and interrupt handling for embedded systems
  - memory management and garbage collection
  - compiler optimizations w.r.t. performance, code size, and power
  - dynamic optimizations involving code slicing, binary-to-binary
      translation for re-targetting optimized code
  - program analysis (abstract interpretation, compiler transformation,
      static analysis)
  - code selection, register allocation and instruction scheduling for
      irregular architectures
  - languages and compilers for digital signal processors
* System Software for Embedded Systems
  - embedded real-time operating systems
  - distributed embedded systems
  - embedded middleware
  - embedded Internet
  - home networking (HomeRF, Bluetooth, Powerline Communications, etc.)
  - information appliances
* Design and Analysis Tools for Embedded Systems
  - formal specification and verification
  - object-oriented modeling and design
  - integration and testing
  - profiling, measurement, and debugging
  - scheduling and timing analysis for real-time systems
  - development tools and environments
* Hardware/Software Codesign
  - configurable processors (memories, data paths, register files, etc.)
  - processor architecture tradeoffs for code density, size and power
  - network processors and routers
  - wireless hub processors
  - retargetable development tools/compiler design automation
* Standardization
  - inter-operability and systems design
  - legacy issues and re-engineering

Papers should report new research and should not exceed 6000 words
(approximately 10 typeset on 16-point spacing), including figures and
references (11 pages). Short papers that describe existing
implementations or work-in-progress, or outline new problems or
important issues are also welcome. Short papers should not exceed 3000
words (6 pages). All accepted papers will be presented at the workshop
and published in the proceedings, which will be distributed at the
workshop. We anticipate that the proceedings will be published as an
issue of the ACM SIGPLAN Notices.

Electronic submissions must be received by 5:00 PM Eastern Standard
Time,Sunday, February 25, 2001. Interactive submissions through the
workshop's web page are encouraged. Submissions may also be sent as a
single e-mail message to either of the program co-chairs (MIME
attachments are allowed); the message should contain both the filled-
out form (see web page) and the Postscript paper. Electronic papers
should be in Postscript form, which must be interpretable by
Ghostscript. The Postscript must use standard fonts, or include the
necessary fonts, and must be prepared for USLetter (8.5"x11") or A4
page sizes. Authors who cannot meet these requirements should submit 15
hard copies by post to either of the program co-chairs by airmail that
must be received on or before February 25, 2001. These are firm
constraints; submissions not meeting the criteria described above
will not be considered.

Important Dates

* papers due: Feb. 25, 2001 (5pm EST)
* author notification: Apr. 15, 2001
* final papers due: May. 19, 2001


Seongsoo Hong Santosh Pande
School of Electrical Engineering College of Computing
Seoul National University 801 Atlantic Drive
Seoul 151-742 Georgia Institute of Technology
KOREA Atlanta, GA 30332
phone: +82-2-880-8370 phone: +1-404-385-2169,
fax: 882-4656 fax: 385-2295

Tentative Program Committee

* Guido Araujo, University of Campinas, Brazil
* David August, Princeton University, USA
* Kiyoung Choi, Seoul National University, Korea
* Keith D. Cooper, Rice University, USA
* Srinivas Devadas, MIT, USA
* Helen Gill, NSF/DARPA, USA
* Rajiv Gupta, University of Arizona, USA
* Mary Hall, USC-ISI, USA
* Mahmut Kandemir, Penn State University, USA
* Rainer Leupers, University of Dortmund, Germany
* David Levine, Analog Devices Inc., USA
* Annie Liu, State University of New York, USA
* Sang Lyul Min, Seoul National University, Korea
* Soo-Mook Moon, Seoul National University, Korea
* Frank Mueller, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany
* Tatsuo Nakajima, Waseda University, Japan
* Alex Nicolau. University of California, Irvine, USA
* Carl Von Platen, IAR Systems, Sweden
* J. Ramanujam, Louisiana State University, USA
* Manas Saksena, TimeSys, USA
* Reid Tatge, Texas Instruments, USA
* Gang-Ryung Uh, Lucent Technologies, USA
* David Whalley, Florida State University, USA

Steering Committee

* Azer Bestavros, Boston University, USA
* Jack Davidson, University of Virginia, USA
* Richard Gerber, University of Maryland, USA
* Rajiv Gupta, University of Arizona, USA
* Annie Liu, Indiana University, USA
* Thomas Marlowe, Seton Hall University, USA
* Sang Lyul, Min Seoul National University, Korea
* Frank Mueller, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany
* Bill Pugh, University of Maryland, USA
* David Whalley, Florida State University, USA
* Reinhard Wilhelm, University of the Saarland, Germany

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