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"Ron Pinkas" <>
6 Dec 2000 00:20:02 -0500

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SimpLex lexer package (Ron Pinkas) (2000-12-06)
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From: "Ron Pinkas" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 6 Dec 2000 00:20:02 -0500
Organization: Compilers Central
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Posted-Date: 06 Dec 2000 00:20:01 EST

November 22, 2000 - For immediate release.

Beta 1 of SimpLex was just released on SourceForge

SimpLex is a LEX/Flex alternative, Generic Lexer, which generates much
smaller lexers (1/2 to 1/4 the size of an equivalent Flex generated Lexer).

Unlike LEX/Flex, SimpLex does not require a "compile" phase of the lexical
definitions file. Instead, SimpLex provides intuitive macros so that the
lexical definition file becomes a plain ANSI C/C++ source file, #included by
SimpLex when being compiled by any ANSI C/C++ compiler.

Most developers will find that SimpLex lexical definitions file, is much
more readable and far simpler to understand than the equivalent LEX/Flex
lexical definitions.

The simplicity and clarity of SimpLex lexical definition, by no means take
away from the lexical capabilities of SimpLex. To the contrary, SimpLex
simplified data driven approach makes it more capable than LEX/Flex for most
typical lexical parsing applications.

SimpLex also offers context driven lexical analysis not available by
LEX/Flex by means of YACC like shift/reduce rules.

Despite the facts that a SimpLex Lexer is typically ~1/3 the size of an
equivalent Flex Lexer, and that SimpLex does not require a separate
compilation of the lexical definitions, SimpLex generated lexers are just as
fast, and or faster, then the equivalent Flex generated lexers.

SimpLex is being used by the Harbour-Project (
Clipper compatible compiler.
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Thanks in advance,

Ron Pinkas

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