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6 Dec 2000 00:07:57 -0500

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Date: 6 Dec 2000 00:07:57 -0500
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Posted-Date: 06 Dec 2000 00:07:57 EST

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Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 14:34:58 +0000
From: Andrew Richards <>
Organization: CodePlay Limited
Subject: Positions offered - Compiler developers in London, England

Compilers are dull, serious tools for engineers. CodePlay's compilers
are breaking the rules. We develop programming tools for creative
programmers who develop games, graphics, video and sound software.
Entertainment is our customers' top priority.

No-one has ever done anything quite like this, so we are looking for
programmers who can take on a challenge.

You must ...

        * be able to research ideas, develop new solutions and make it all
        * understand compilers and how they work.
        * be keen to work in a creative industry.
        * upset the status quo.
        * have a degree or better (unless you can demonstrate you can do
            what we need)

CodePlay is a new fast-growing company, so there are plenty of
opportunities to develop your career as we expand. We value ideas and
are prepared to take risks.

The skills we are looking for (only one of these per person is required.
Two is a bonus)

        * C++ translator. We need to produce a C++ translator for our C
            compiler (VectorC).
        * Optimization. Creating fast code for new parallel processors aimed
            at digital media processing is our main concern. Come to us with
            good ideas and enthusiasm and you've got the job.
        * Code generation. Producing code for processors that execute
            out-of-order is hard. Very few compilers do it well. Don't let
            these chips sit around idle, make them sweat!

We do not expect you to have experience of any particular language,
processor or compiler - we want you to work it out.

We do not want the cheapest, quickest or most established solutions - we
want the best.

Working for CodePlay will mean developing our existing parallelising C
compiler (VectorC) to take advantage of new processors and C++. You will
be working on the latest games and entertainment machines. If you think
the most exciting new processors are on business machines, you haven't
seen the PlayStation 2..

CodePlay is based in Camden, London, England. For further information,
or to apply for a job, contact Andrew Richards on 020 7419 2465, or To see what we do, go to

Unfortunately, we can only currently offer this opportunity to people
who are automatically entitled to work in Britain (i.e. you must be a
citizen of the European Economic Area or have a British work permit)


From: Lakshmankumar Mukkavilli <>
Subject: Job openings at Cisco
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 23:40:55 -0800 (PST)

Sofware Engineers

We are looking for new/recent graduates to develop/enhance various
software development/testing tools. The candidates should be strong in
compilers, algorithms and performance analysis of software. The
persons are expected to identify problems and provide tools to address
those problems with minimum of guidance. We are looking for
individuals who are highly motivated and have very good problem
solving skills.

Education: MS in Computer Science
                      [Intern opportunities also exit]

Please send your resume to:
                Bhargav Gollabinnie at
                Ph# (408) 525 4210

Lakshmankumar Mukkavilli
Software Engineering Solutions
Cisco Systems
San Jose, CA USA


Subject: Positions Available at HP, Cupertino
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 16:27:07 -0800

The following two positions are available with Hewlett-Packard in our
e-Services Developers Lab at the Cupertino, California site, as of
December 1, 2000. The e-Services Developer's Lab is a dynamic,
fast-paced organization responsible for delivering industry-leading
tools, environments, information and services for the rapid
development of high-quality internet and e-services solutions for all
of HP's Computer Systems (HP-UX, Linux and NT for PA-RISC and IA-64).

Kim Forrester
hp eDL Technical Recruiter
Phone: 408-447-8785

1) Development Engineer (C/C++, UNIX, Code Generation)

Work as part of a team or as a team-lead in creating an Integrated Software
Development environment for HP C, C++ and Fortran development tools. Design,
implement, test, integrate and release improvements to HP's WDB debugger
product. These new WDB features will enable troubleshooting of large
parallel and distributed programs, support new OS, and new compiler
features. Work with third-parties to create a complete solution. Seek to
understand customer needs and work with customers in developing, testing and
releasing products. This position is located in Cupertino, California at
Hewlett Packard.
If you are interested, please respond to and Reference Job Number: #686746N.

Required Skills:
- System-level programming
- Programming and debugging skills in C/C++
- Experience with compiler design and construction
- Knowledge of Unix and NT platforms
- Knowledge of software development lifecycle
- Good verbal and written communication skills
- Enthusiastic, driven
- BSCS with at least 2 years experience (MSEE also considered if with strong
software design/implementation skills)

Desired Skills:
- Commercial software development experience
- Ability to lead/mentor a small team of software engineers
- Ability to successfully deliver multiple assignments in a timely manner

2) Dynamic Instrumentation Engineer

Work in the fast-paced Dynamic Instrumentation project at Hewlett Packard in
Cupertino, California. Dynamic instrumentation is the ability to alter
program instructions at runtime to insert instrumentation code. This
technology is useful in developing runtime and performance analysis tools,
object code translators, dynamic optimization, etc. The cool thing about
this area is that it uses knowledge of operating systems (HP-UX, Linux),
microprocessor architectures (IA64), and compiler background (C/C++, Java,
Fortran). The team is very diverse with people from different parts of the
world who interact freely. You will be developing major portions of
functionality in the product. You will also get to participate in the
software lifecycle of the product by doing design, implementation, and
testing of your own modules and integration testing for the whole product.
You will be responsible for innovating in these areas, submitting patents,
interacting with customers, etc.
If you are interested, please respond to and Reference Job Number: #692223N.

Required Skills:
- MS or PhD in Computer Science or equivalent experience
- Solid understanding of systems programming (operating systems, compilers,
web servers, JVM)
- Solid problem solving skills
- Solid programming experience in C/C++ and software development processes
- Strong communication (verbal and written) skills
- Strong teamwork and people skills

Desired Skills:
- Prior background in dynamic instrumentation
- Prior industry experience in the form of an internship or equivalent

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