A new data type in Pascal

"Alexander Baranovsky" <ab@virtlabor.donbass.com>
25 Nov 2000 01:13:45 -0500

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A new data type in Pascal ab@virtlabor.donbass.com (Alexander Baranovsky) (2000-11-25)
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From: "Alexander Baranovsky" <ab@virtlabor.donbass.com>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 25 Nov 2000 01:13:45 -0500
Organization: Donbass Internet Center DIPT
Keywords: types, Pascal
Posted-Date: 25 Nov 2000 01:13:45 EST

PasScript is an interpreter of a vast subset of the Object Pascal
language which includes ordinal, real, variant, procedural, file,
record, array and class types.

In new version this subset was extended by Poly data type borrowed
from the VIRT programming language. Variables of Poly data type can
hold values of any type, and they can hold a special kind of array
called a poly array. The use of poly arrays allows you to effectively
process dynamic data structures without using such concepts as
"pointer" and "address".

Please see http://virtlabor.chat.ru/poly.htm for more information.

Direct link to download the PasScript interpreter, version 4.0:
http://virtlabor.chat.ru/downloads/passcript.zip (Win95/98/2000/NT,
166Kb, freeware).

Numerous demos illustrate the use of poly types in such areas as
mechanical theorem proving, character differentiation, graph
algorithmes. These demos show that developed by us an extension of
Pascal allows to apply this language in the artificial intelligence
data domain as well with the same success.

Alexander Baranovsky,
VIRT Laboratory

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